Warehouse Membership Tags

New Registration System

We have a new registration system!  It’s bigger, better, faster, and far less chossy in almost every single way than before and it even makes your coffee just the way you like it …Ok some of those things may not be strictly true but it is an improvement and the new system brings with it a range of benefits, including: 

  • Quicker access for members – no more queuing!
  • Quicker access for non-members – we’ve taken all the members out of the queue!
  • Handy Membership Tags – scan & go!
  • Compliant with the ABC’s Climbing Passport Scheme (due to be launched later in the year which will provide easier access to other centre’s around the country)

This is the first part of our new booking & membership management software which we hope to start rolling out soon, but sorry this does mean that all new & existing members will need to register on the new system. However it’s a relatively quick and painless process – you can do this in person on screens located in our Reception – though it’s must quicker to do it online click here

We’re now working on getting everyone on to the new system as seamlessly as possible, but please bear with us while we deal with any hidden gremlins. Thank you for your co-operation and patience. 

Hopefully you’ll flash through the process, but if you have any questions or problems at all, please ask a member of the team who will be happy to help guide you through the best route.