25 years

25p Membership Special Offer

This year see’s us celebrate our 25th Birthday! Yeah yeah we know – you thought we we’re older. To mark reaching this milestone we wanted to celebrate with something special, so we’re offering a monumental membership special offer for a minuscule price… 

25p per month on Membership until the end of September!

Yes you read that correct. Just 25p per month! All you need to do is sign up for Warehouse Membership followed by a 12-month contract, at our standard rates, and you only pay 25p a month for the remainder of July, and the whole of August and September this year! 

We guarantee our standard rates will not increase for the duration of this period.  This massive saving is not the only benefit of signing up to Warehouse membership. Some of the other benefits include: 

  • Free Guest Pass every month from September onwards – this means you can bring a friend/non-member who’s new to The Warehouse and they basically climb for free! 
  • 10% Off all items in our Shop
  • Quicker access to the centre with our Fast-Track Members system
  • Flexibility – If you’re away or prefer climbing outside over the Summer, no worries – you can simply freeze your membership for up to two months

To help answer your queries we have some FAQs below…


Why and what is the offer?
It’s to celebrate our 25th Birthday! We’re offering membership for an amazing price of 25p a month* up to the end of September – followed by 12 months on our standard pricing of:

  • £39 p/m for an adult membership 
  • £34 p/m for the second adult on a couples/family membership
  • £10 p/m per under 18’s with a family membership

(*Actually for under 18’s it’s only 15p, and 20p for the second adult on a couples/family membership).

And then you put the prices up in January and get your money back?
No not at all – you’ll be locked into the standard pricing for the length of your contract.

Is the offer available for concessionary or off-peak membership?
Sadly not, but it’s a fantastic deal that beats the standard price, so you’ll still be better off.

I’m a member of a club/organisation that regularly climbs at The Warehouse – do I/we get an extra discount?
No more discount for anyone, sorry!

I’m an existing Direct Debit Member – is the offer open to me?
Yes it is! It wouldn’t be fair to punish you for your loyalty would it?  Sign up now and we’ll get you going, you’ll have to take care of cancelling your Direct Debit yourself though.

Thanks, I just signed up last week, looks like I missed the boat right?
No, don’t worry, you will need to sign up again as this is a new contract – but then you’ll be eligible for the discounted rate – this will automatically take over from your (not that old) old contract.

Do I get refunds on my exiting contract?
No, you just get a great deal on a new one.

Can I pay for this membership via Direct Debit?
No, the membership is only available through the EFT (electronic funds transfer) system.

I don’t want to be locked in to a 12-month membership afterwards, I rarely climb indoors during the summer.
Ok, we get that – which is why you can freeze your membership for up to two months (just give us a little notice). If you do freeze, your contract is extended – so if you freeze for two months your contract would last until the end of November 2020, rather than September 2020.

Are you here for another year, what about the new place that’s being built?
Definitely! Planning is slow and boring and though 270 Climbing Park will be incredibly exciting, it’s still a long way off. We are pleased to announce though that we’ve teamed up with 270 and they will honour any existing Warehouse members (who’ve been signed up for at least 12 months) with the same price membership when they open.

Can I delay the start of my membership until September/October/Next March?
Yes, all memberships can have delayed starts, but the 25p per month offer only applies for July, August and September this year – so you won’t gain anything if you do delay beyond that!

Are you really sure this price is right?
Yes really!  We wanted to celebrate our 25th with something really amazing. The Warehouse has been here from the start of the UK indoor climbing scene, and we just want as many people as possible to enjoy it! 

Interested? Great! Sign up Here!