New Formats from September 2013

From September we are updating our NICAS sessions to allow us to run the full programme up to level 5.  Although these changes will not cause any issues to our normal programme you may be booked in with different groups. 

Changes from September are as follows

Level 1 will be joining the Rock Ratz groups from Monday to Friday

Level 2 and 3 will now work alone from Monday to Friday allowing more focus on these levels and improving progression through these stages. 

Level 4 will be a separate group as will Level 5 due to the complex coaching and individual needs required in these stages. 

In addition due to the popularity of sessions at the weekends are adding additional Rock Ratz sessions and removing the Rock Mice Academy.  Do not worry any Rock Mice who are ready to progress will be directed through to the 11.30 slot of Rock Ratz at the weekends where we will concentrate on the development through to the big walls.

If you need any help with these changes please contact one of the climbing team at your next session.